Thursday, December 18, 2008

Peace On Earth and In the Home!

It’s that special time of year again. I always try warn couples going through pre-martial counseling about this special time of the year – the holidays. This is the time when we get to “connect” and spend HOURS, or even DAYS with families. This is the time when we hear a lot about peace on earth but can’t find it in our hearts or our homes. So what is the answer? Here is a video that offers one possibility.

But I have a better suggestion. Read these thoughts from Tara Barthel: “As we walk through the clamor of the holidays, our relationships may reflect a ‘peace’ as weak and flimsy as a sheet of thin gift-wrapping paper from the dollar store. How can we get past the façade of fake holiday happiness and truly wrap this season in a blanket of grace, joy, and love?”

Bartel offers three focus points:
1) Remember the Prince of Peace
2) Embrace defeat! Your holidays will not be perfect
3) Unpleasant people? Destroy ’Em-with Love

I would suggest that you read her entire article, “Walking in Peace amid Holiday Strife” by copying and pasting this link:

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