Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Our Bodies Are Weak (Thank God, we will get new ones)

Last Wednesday I promised the final installment of my "The Church Is ..." series. Let me explain why it has not been posted yet. My sermon notes are at the office and I have not been back to the office since Sunday morning.

The reason for my failure to return to Asheboro so far this week is that I have lost my voice and Pam has been found to be with kidney stone. Late last week Pam began to have symptoms that indicated something was wrong with her kidneys or bladder. The real pain did not hit until Monday night. After spending Tuesday at the doctor's office and hospital, she had the kidney stone surgically removed Tuesday night. I am now waiting to get her back home from the hospital.

While Pam was getting this stone I was losing my voice. I developed a head cold and sore throat late last week as well. I am a preacher so I preached Sunday morning. Sunday afternoon I had no voice left. It is three days later and I am still trying to get it all back. The cycle will probably run like this - voice back by Sunday, preach on Sunday, lose voice on Sunday, voice returns during the next week. About every 3 or 4 years this happens to me.

Bottom line: say a prayer for Doug and Pam if the Lord calls us to your minds during the next few days.

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Elizabeth B. said...

I think you have a few typos in your post there pops.... you were NOT waiting to get her back from the hospital??? You didn't want mommy to come home??? :-P