Monday, December 15, 2008

Lessons for Churches from the Airlines

Todd Rhoades recently noted all the up-charges that the airlines have been passing on to customers. From paying for the first checked bag, to fuel surcharges, to purchasing soft drinks, they have really socked it to the consumer with all the new charges. This got him to thinking about how churches could learn from the airlines during these tough economic times. He developed a list of ways that churches could increase revenue. In that spirit of crisis management I now offer my own list.

--First cup of coffee free; each additional cup is 75 cents.
--Back three rows of pews are designated as premium seating with a $20 per week up-charge.
--Usher provided parking: $20 plus tip
--Use of Pew Bible charge: $10
--Cell phone ringing during service: $25 for each offense
--Late to service fee: $10/per person
--"Please sing my favorite song” request: $20
--Baby Sitting Service in Church Nursery: $10 per child
--Sunday School Book Fee (Quarterlies): $5
--KJV upgrade to NIV: $15
--NIV upgrade to NLT: $10
--Hit job on the drummer or organist (rates vary per city/church)
--First Sunday of the month tithing discount rate: 8%
--Turn the Heat Up fee: $20
--Turn the Heat Down fee: $20
--Get out of church in one hour or less charge: $10

What would you add?

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Elizabeth B. said...

Addition of a video to make the sermon 'interesting' = $10