Friday, October 3, 2008

35 Years + 4 Days

This past Monday Pam and I celebrated 35 years since our first date. I returned to my dorm room that night long ago and told my roommate that I was in love. When you are a 19 year old male falling in love is an easy thing to do. But over the last 35 years I have grown in love with Pam and stayed (most days) in love with her. God knew the kind of spouse I would need while I served in ministry even before He called me into the ministry. Pam, I believe, was His choice for me.

Because I read so much I often get credit for coming up with some great ideas. Little do people know that I am just sharing what I read some where. I don’t think I have ever had but one original idea but that was a great one. My one original idea in life was to marry Pam. I am greatly indebted to her for anything good in my life and ministry.

Speaking of reading – one recent book on my reading list was by Leonard Sweet entitled, Eleven indispensable relationships you can’t be without. Sweet shares the eleven key relationships that we need in our life to be successful. He says that more than one person can help to meet a particular relationship role and that a particular person can fill more than one relationship role. Here are the relationship roles from Sweet’s list that Pam helps to fill for me.

Pam is my Jonathan – a true friend. Sweet says, “A Jonathan believes in you when no one else does. …gives and gives and wants no payment. …walks with you in all seasons of life. …has seen you naked, in all your treachery and lechery, at your most heinous and most luminous, and loves you anyway. …grants you grace when you take him or her for granted. …sacrifices himself for you.” Pam has been all these things and so many more as only a true friend can be. My life has been quite a journey and she has been my soul mate through it all.

Pam is my Nathan – an editor. Again Sweet says of your Nathan – “a person who believes in you and wants the best for you, even when he or she shows up at the door with a sword.” A Nathan is someone whose greatest ambition is help you become the best you can possibility be for the Lord. A Nathan will get under your skin on occasion, ask direct questions when needed and tells the truth in such a way that we can see the truth about ourselves. No one knows how many times Pam has been my editor and spoke correction into my life in a loving but firm way.

Pam is my Deborah – a back-coverer. A Deborah is someone who provides you with protection; protection from attacks both from the enemy and yourself. “The world is full of people who like nothing better than to kill your reputation, your spirit, your mission. … If your life is on mission for good and God, you’ll be the first to be fired on by enemies and friends.” The greatest hedge of protection that any Deborah can provide is a covering of prayer. I know that Pam prays for me but even I don’t know how much protection she has provided for me over the last 35 years.

Thanks Pam for a great 35 years. How about let’s try for another 35 together?


Elizabeth B. said...

gag me with a spoon.....


Chris G's Blog said...

Congratulations. A wonderful wife can be a wonderful thing in a man's life, and it seems as if you have that. I wish you all the best in your marriage and I am praying for your success at your current ministry. I am eager to see how God is going to work and I want you to know that there are those that you unaware of who are supporting you. God bless.