Saturday, September 27, 2008

Whose Hand is on the Wheel?

Tomorrow I will challenge the congregation of NGWC to give the steering wheel of the church back to God as we all submit to His leadership, to those in authority, and to one another. We need God's hand of control on the wheel. At most, we should only be the glove covering that guiding hand - like the glove of the race car driver.

This an important attitude to have as we journey through the intentional interim process. We can't get ourselves out of the proverbial "woods", only God can do that as we submit to Him. We have a process and will be making plans but without divine guidance we will not get to where we need to be.

After the worship service tomorrow, we will have a congregational meeting to review the intentional interim journey and the importance of being prayerful and careful in the selection of the Transition Team which will take place during the next three weeks. Some of what I will share about the Transition Team is that they are to be:
* A group of trusted and respected individuals selected by the congregation to guide the process of becoming a more healthy church.
* A group of maturing (spiritually, emotionally and mentally) leaders who are respected for their both their skills and temperament for group work.
* Representative of the entire congregation with all of its diversity.
* A critical strategy as it communicates the message: this is the work of the congregation.
* A model to the congregation – looking for God’s movement, will and purpose for the future of the congregation.
* The group who determines when the church is ready for the L.B.A. to begin the search for the next Senior Pastor.
* A new group with a new group life leading the church toward a new day of congregational health and wholeness.

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