Saturday, September 6, 2008

Confession Is Good for the Soul

“Confession is good for the soul.” My best research reveals this to be an old Scottish proverb. I could find no other historical info or background but, I guess, the statement pretty much speaks for itself. Still the question must be asked, is this proverb true? And, if it is true, why don’t we see more confession of sin in the church?

Last Sunday I preached a sermon focusing on the 2nd G of the Peacemaker’s Pledge – Get the log out of your own eye. It is easy to say, “Mistakes were made.” The challenge is to also say, “And I was the one who made them.” At the conclusion of the sermon I announced that before the serving of Communion in next week’s (tomorrow’s) worship service that we would give opportunity for confessions.

This was one of those times when I had not totally thought through how this confession thing was going to work. Upon more thought, I realized that had no training or resources for doing a structured time of confession in a worship service beyond a congregational prayer of confession or a time of individual silent reflection and confessional prayer. So I struggled and sought wisdom from above all week about how to plan tomorrow’s service.

At least I have developed a plan. This plan includes corporate, personal, private and public opportunities of confession before the congregation celebrates our common forgiveness at the Lord’s Table receiving Communion together. Check back next week for a report on this service. Naturally, my prayer and hope is that this will be a Sunday that will be remembered as a “turning point” on NGWC’s road to recovery and spiritual health.

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