Monday, September 8, 2008

The Day After "Confession"

Was yesterday’s “confession service” a turning point for NGWC? Only time will tell. But I am beginning to see some cracks in the dam that has been blocking the flow of the Spirit. People are listening to the challenging truths about living as peacemakers and many are responding with life changes.

Examples of things that give me hope:
1) Yesterday during the time typically called the pastoral prayer I invited those who would like to come to the altar for prayer to do so; 15-20 people came forward.
2) The lady who told me that when she went back to work after last week’s service she asked her co-workers to forgive her for some of her attitudes on the job.
3) The man who admitted he had been nervous about this “confession service” but afterwards felt lifted and encouraged because God had shown him some sins that he needed to confront and confess.
4) The lady who’s first thought when hearing about a “confession service” was that she hoped that certain people would publicly confess their sins but immediately realized she needed to confess that thought as sin.

Personally, I sensed the presence of the Lord in yesterday’s service. I felt that the communion time was especially meaningful after we had just spent about 40 minutes interweaving preaching and practicing confession. Conviction has rested upon me that I must be the first to practice what I preach – so strongly that I had to go privately to someone in the congregation during yesterday’s service and ask for forgiveness.

After tomorrow night’s L.B.A. meeting I will travel to Oak Island for the annual Carolina Pastors Gathering. This gathering of Wesleyan preachers is an annual highlight for me. The fellowship and support of these peers means more and more to me each year. And yes – we DO play golf during this event; which makes the trip a double blessing.

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