Monday, September 15, 2008

Golfing at the Carolina Pastors Gathering

Many preachers play golf, most not very well even though we seem to enjoy trying. I am one of them. Because of this, one of the annual traditions at the Carolina Pastors Gathering is a Captain’s Choice golf tournament for us preacher “want a be” pro golfers.

Captain’s Choice means that all four golfers on a team hit their tee shots and then they decide which shot is in the best location to hit the next shot and then all four golfers hit their shots from that preferred location. This process continues until the ball is hit into the cup by one of the team members.

So here is my “claim to fame” golf story from last week’s golf at the Carolina Pastors Gathering. On the sixth hole I hit as good a tee shot as I can make – 230 yards and in the middle of the fairway. Two of my team members are capable of hitting the ball as far or further than I can, but on this hole neither of them did so. The team will now hit their second shots from the location of where my tee shot came to rest – about 150 yards away from the cup on the green. My three teammates all hit before me and one of them is on the green so that we can putt our next shot. This 150 yard shot requires a perfectly hit 5 iron for me. I hit this 5 iron shot perfectly. The ball lands just in front of the cup and rolls into the cup for an eagle.

I have never made a hole in one on a par 3. I keep telling myself that this feat was actually more difficult than a hole in one because it required two (not one) perfectly struck shots. Any way – even if I never get a hole in one, I at least have one fantastic golf story that I can tell my grandkids (if I ever have any) one day.

For those who read this blog because of your interest in the intentional interim work, I promise to return on topic next time. Please excuse this moment of bragging and pray pride does not enter my golf bag. Although the rest of my play that afternoon should curb that temptation.

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