Sunday, June 28, 2009

Random Reflections

I am thankful for:
- our daughter visiting from Kentucky and taking care of her ailing mother so that I could attend the NC West District Conference and reconnect with old friends and associates.
- a great week of VBS at Neighbors Grove with over 100 children enrolled and over 40 children inviting Christ into their hearts or rededicating their lives to Him.
- a great day of worship at Neighbors Grove. Rev. Ken Reeves, Balfour Baptist pastor, started the service with a a powerful witness. The VBS staff and children led the congregation in worship music. I witnessed the church body minister to a grieving family and sensed the Lord's anointing while preaching. Not sure what the attendance was but the sanctuary looked full. There is such a different spirit in this place from when I arrived 11 months ago.

I have been reminded that:
- one year ago today I closed out our ministry at First Wesleyan in Bessemer City. God continues to bless that congregation as they move forward after our intentional interim ministry with them.
- God gives us opportunities for a ministry of presence when we don't even know it. I received an email today from a widower thanking me for attending his wife's funeral and how much it meant to him to see my face in the audience during the service.
- we need to continually drink from God's spiritual well. As I walked our neighborhood tonight I noticed the grass beginning to turn brown after about 10 days without rain. Earlier this spring we had an abundance of rain, but the grass needs water constantly. So do our souls.

I pray for:
- the Glenn McGrady family in their loss with his sudden death last week. He leaves a sweet five year old daughter, Emma, that will need our love and support.
- our daughter and son-in-law to find God's open doors for ministry and employment as they seek to follow His will for their lives.
- my wife, Pam, to continue to heal from her kidney stone attack and back surgery. We are thankful for seeing God's hand upon her life already.

Well, this post now has three sets of three items each so I guess I will close it out.
May God bless and keep you as you go on mission with Him this week!

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