Thursday, June 11, 2009

In yesterday's blog I spoke of the need to keep the missional vision before the NGWC congregation. I said, "This vision, like any other, or maybe more than any other, must be refreshed in the minds and hearts of the people about every 30 days." My sense is that the passion for evangelism and outreach leaks quicker than anything in our lives.

Well, I was reading a Christianity Today interview of Lee Strobel. This is part of what he said, "The evangelism value leaks away from us faster than any other value in the Christian life. Churches are faced with the problem of having to elevate many different values: Bible study, prayer, community, and so on. Evangelism is [just] one of them. But I haven't run into anybody who says, 'Man, my spiritual life is so dry right now. I feel like I'm in the middle of the desert and, oh, by the way, I have a friend next door who's not a Christian, and I'm really praying for opportunities to reach out to him. I've invited him to lunch next week, and I'm hoping God opens up a chance to talk about spiritual stuff.'"

Why does our evangelism value tend to leak quickly? My opinion is that evangelistic outreach and a missional mindset runs completely contrary to our natural self-centered human tendency.

What do you think? Why is so easy for us to lose our interest in reaching others for Jesus?


Evangelism Coach said...

I read the article and will likley put some of my own thoughts up a little later.

Why do I leak?

1. When my devotions aren't fresh.
2. When I'm not connecting intentionally with people who are outside of the church.
3. When I forgot why I came to faith in the first place.

Those are mine. Fear is not a problem for me, as I find in most of the churches I do training in.

Chris W

Anonymous said...

not so sure about this..