Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wesleyans Can Dance!!!

Two ladies, both over 70 years of age I guess, came into our midweek morning Bible study yesterday so excited that they could hardly contain themselves. They had danced with the Holy Spirit and He had worked through them to communicate God’s love and grace.

In both cases these ladies had sensed a strong internal prompting to ask the person they were talking to if they had any special needs that they would appreciate prayer for. These ladies were so very nervous but the internal Spirit compulsion was so strong that they overcame their fears and popped the question.

One of the ladies was told that there had just been a death (in an auto accident) in the family and the other was told about a recent house purchase and the fear of being able to make the payments for it. The Holy Spirit had led both these ladies to spiritually receptive people in which the moment was right to turn an ordinary conversation into a spiritual conversation. He had transformed an ordinary moment into a missional moment.

These ladies had been praying for God to help them to become a missionary and He answered their prayers. I explained to these ladies that praying this kind of prayer is like buying a new car. Before you buy the car you seldom notice that model car on the road. But after you make the purchase you see them everywhere you go. Before we pray to be used as a missionary we never notice people that we can strike up conversations with. After we pray we will see them everywhere.

During our evening midweek Bible study a gentleman in the congregation also told us that he had begun to look for opportunities to ask coworkers during breaks at work if they had needs that he could pray for. The Holy Spirit wants to dance with the people of NGWC and some of these Wesleyans have decided to give it a try. And they are having the time of their lives.

I wonder who will start dancing next? Will it be you?

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