Tuesday, April 28, 2009

How to Dance with the Holy Spirit

The church in the book of Acts, under the anointing, direction and inspiration of the Holy Spirit, went out into the streets of Jerusalem and then down the roads to Judea and Samaria, and eventually to the ends of the earth. As the Holy Spirit moved, they moved with Him.

If Christians today are going to once again become missionaries, then we too must move with the Holy Spirit. Let me ask: are you moving with the Holy Spirit? Are you listening to His voice? Are you following His promptings?

I once had a class in seminary called “Creative Movement” where they tried to teach me to square dance along with some other dances that I don’t remember. If we are going to move with the Holy Spirit then we will need to learn how to dance with Him.

Since I am both a Wesleyan and don’t have much rhythm in my bones I never really learned to dance. So I decided to find some pointers and tips to being a good dance partner. This is what I found.

Men: Lead without pushing, pulling or forcing the follower.
If your partner misses a step or move do your best to cover for them.
(These two tips sound just like how I know the Holy Spirit to operate in my life. You could say that He is a gentleman. He will nudge but never force me to move or act. And He is always protecting and covering me.)

Ladies: Practice with your partner so you can better anticipate his steps and moves.
Develop following skills so leaders don’t have to work so hard to get you to respond.
(These tips are definitely how we should be responding to the promptings and leadings of the Holy Spirit in our lives.)

The real key to dancing with the Holy Spirit is to be a person of prayer because this is how we connect and commune with Him. These words from Acts 1:14, “They all joined together constantly in prayer” were true for the early church and should be true for us as well.

So I ask again, will you dance with the Holy Spirit this week?

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