Tuesday, March 3, 2009

20 Resolutions Regarding the Tongue (#17-20)

This poster serves as an introduction to the next phase of the intentional interim process at NGWC. Our current Focus Point is "Mission."

In Sunday's message, I stated that the intersection of passion and need is where you will find ministry. Upon further reflection I would change this statement to say, "Ministry is found where passion, talent (gifts) and need meet." Over the next few months I will attempt to help the congregation find their place of ministry within the mission that we all have.

A current buzzword is "missional". Everyone seems to have their own definition of the concept. But I like this way of expressing it - We should not speak of the church of God having a mission in the world but rather that the God of mission has a church in the world.

So, have you found your place of ministry within the missional church? Is so, what is it?

And now before I forget. Here is the final installment of the Sinclair Ferguson's 20 Resolutions regarding the Tongue from the Epistle of James (this list was begun last week).

17) I resolve to ask for the prayers of others when I’m in need (5:14).

18) I resolve to confess it whenever I have failed (5:15).

19) I resolve to pray with others for one another whenever I am together with them (5:15).

20) I resolve to speak words of restoration when I see another wander (5:19).

Let's hold our tongues and go on mission!!

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