Tuesday, March 31, 2009

IIM Mission Focus - Congregational Survey

The NGWC Transition Team has prepared and is distributing surveys to get congregational input as we seek to determine what our specific vision and ministry focus should be within the larger mission of the universal church. This survey and a congregational event called "Mission Possible" Pizza Party scheduled for May 3rd are the primary tools that our Transition Team are using for the Mission focus of our Intentional Interim work.

Here is a sample survey:
Neighbors Grove is known as the church that ...

What church ministries, activities or programs bring you the greatest sense of joy and fulfillment?

What needs do you have that are not being met?

What needs do you see in the community that are not being met?

What are the church's distinctives/strengths which should draw others to this congregation?

What are the limitations that we will need to overcome to accomplish our church mission?

What are the current activities, programs and ministries that should continue, regardless of who the next pastor is?

What activities, programs or ministries would you like to see our church start that will be beneficial to future generations?

Two other special surveys have been distributed as well.
1) A 3 question survey that was given to the daycare and academy families.
2) A 8 question survey that was given to individuals who have attended NGWC for five years or less.

The Transition Team will develop an assessment based on the information obtained from these surveys and the small group discussions during the May 3rd "Mission Possible" Pizza Party.

In the interim I am continuing to direction my sermon development toward the challenge of being a more missional congregation. I think that more and more of the proverbial "light bulbs" are coming on and people are "getting it". Time will tell - if NGWC becomes more incarnational in its ministry outlook.


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