Monday, August 11, 2008

The Week that Was and Is

Highlights from NGWC:

1) We have hired Rev. Kris LeRoy to serve as the interim Academy Administrator for this school year. I think Kris’ gifts and personality will be a great asset to the school. He is a team builder and encourager. These are things that the staff, students and parents really need.

2) The Work Day at the church was a success. Many things on the buildings and grounds “punch list” got done. I got to build better relationships with some of the guys. But there are still a number of items on the “punch list” to be done.

3) I preached the third message completing the sentence: The church is … This week the sentence was: The church is a community that practices biblical communication. Biblical communication is identified by its content (truth) and character (love). These must be kept in balance. The conclusion was reached that none of us knows the truth completely by ourselves and we cannot know the truth about ourselves by ourselves; therefore, we need others with whom we can both confess and speak the truth in love.

4) This is vacation week for several people. Kellie Councilman, my administrative assistant, traveled to visit family in PA over the weekend. Chris James, our new youth director, will take his family to the beach this coming weekend. Kris LeRoy leaves Wednesday for five days in CA. Pam and I are spending six days this week on the Outer Banks with some of our best friends, Ken and Vicky Rogers. When we all get back in town we will join our hands and hearts to lead NGWC on the road to recovery.

5) If you are reading this and belong to the NGWC community of faith I hope that you will make a special effort to be with us for worship this Sunday. The message will be a challenging one. But if we will live out this part of the gospel message our church will never be the same again.

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