Saturday, August 23, 2008

Share and Prayer Triplets

The following is the orientation material that will be given to our Share and Prayer Triplet participants. The concept of Share and Prayer Triplets is borrowed from George Bullard with only slight modifications to begin the intentional interim journey at NGWC.

Between August 31 and October 19, you will be meeting at least 5 times with your group. During that time, you be getting to know one another better through personal sharing and praying. You will talk about your life and your prayer requests, and you will also share your thoughts about Neighbors Grove Wesleyan Church as you discuss where we are and where you see God calling us as a church over the coming months. We ask that you use the guide provided for you at each meeting to assist you in that process. It has space for the concerns that God is placing into your spirit to be shared. It also includes request that focus on the church’s leadership, staff and ministries. The guide is designed to make your meetings helpful and enjoyable, but they are also designed to help us as a congregation sense what God is saying now, and the future He is calling us toward together. The hope is that as our congregation enters into the intentional interim process, we will be spiritually revived, and gain clarity concerning our mission in this community.

The meetings are intended to go something like this:
* Sharing of Praises and Testimonies – 8-10 minutes
* Sharing of Personal Prayer Concerns – 8-10 minutes
* Sharing of Church Prayer Concerns – 8-10 minutes
* Deciding which Church Areas to Focus Prayers – 5 minutes
* Assigning who will pray for which concerns – 2 minutes
* Listening to the Psalm of the Day as an entry to prayer – 3 minutes
* Praying out loud for one another and for the church – 20 minutes
* Journal what new ideas and actions steps God has shown you – 5 minutes

Our covenant together:
You should be very clear as a group about confidentiality. Overall, anything shared about the church and its ministry should be able to be shared for the good of the whole Body with the whole Body. Individual prayer concerns may be held confidential, if your group so chooses. Be clear with one another concerning your need for confidentiality, and about your expectations of one another. Each group should be prepared to share at least one report with the rest of the Body regarding what God is doing in your triplet as you pray together. This report can be done either in a Sunday morning worship service or in the monthly church newsletter.

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George Bullard said...

Doug, great use of the material. I am going to work this fall on rewriting the material around the title--100 days of Discernment.