Thursday, January 1, 2009

Five Month Reflections

The following will appear in this Sunday's bulletin at Neighors Grove Wesleyan Church as I share my assessment of our first five months together as their Intentional Interim Pastor.

I believe that God has chosen to grant favor to our church as we have begun the intentional interim process together. On what do I base this belief?
* Last August we were able to hire a great Youth Director – Chris James.
* Our weekly offerings are better now than when we arrived in July.
* The new roof on the sanctuary has been completely paid for.
* Worship attendance has picked up from the low 80's to 100 or more on an average Sunday.
* We had great participation for the shut-in Christmas caroling.
* Over 60 people attended the communion service on Christmas Eve.
* The church was able to have wonderful children's and adult Christmas musicals.
* In three weeks our new Assistant Pastor, Randy Haithcock, will be joining our staff.
* The Transition Team has gotten off to a great start preparing for our first congregational event.

There are other more intangible things that I see happening in us and through us as a congregation. These intangibles are just as important, if not more important, because they relate to our spiritual growth and maturity. God is at work among us! He will continue to grant us favor if we will continue to humble ourselves before Him and be obedient to His Word and Spirit.

The next posting tomorrow or Saturday will share more details about the work of the Transition Team and their plans for our first congreational event focused on the church heritage. After this next posting I will be on vacation for a week with Pam on a cruise. I hope to post a picture or two of our trip upon our return.

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