Saturday, January 17, 2009

Cruising to the Lighthouses

Pam and I are really into lighthouses. In the last six years we have visited approximately 25 lighthouses in our travels. Some of our vacations have even been planned with visits to certain lighthouses in mind. I wish I could say that there is something spiritual about it. Maybe there is but I am not sure.

We just like looking at them. They each have a different appearance and personality. We like climbing to the top of the ones where you can do that. Since I figured out how to take self pictures of Pam and myself, we usually take one of ourselves while we are at the top of these lighthouses.

During our cruise we got to climb the Key West lighthouse and sail by the lighthouse in the harbor of Nassau, Bahamas. So we have two more to our growing list of lighthouses visited. Above is a picture of the Nassau lighthouse with the Atlantis hotel complex in the background. Next is a picture of Pam and me at the top of the Key West lighthouse and then one of the Key West lighthouse from the ground. Enjoy!

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