Thursday, November 6, 2008

Political Wonders and Hopes

To those who read this blog for intentional interim stuff – please forgive me for today’s political sidetrack. I also realize that these opinions are personal but not very powerful (if they were, I would surely be on TV). But here are my hopes and wonders two days after the 2008 Election Day.

1) I hope that all Christians will pray for our national, state and local leaders as the Bible commands. This command is binding whether or not we voted for these individuals and whether or not we agree with their opinions and decisions.

2) I hope that the American voters get better than we deserve. Elections say more about the electorate than the elected and we seem to elect candidates who promise to pander to our self interest more than our national welfare.

3) I hope that our President elect will attempt to govern more like the centrist candidate who ran for office than the liberal Senator (both state and U.S.) who sat in the office. If George W. Bush can run on the right and move to the left then Barack Obama can surely run on the left and move to the right.

1) I wonder if the media and rest of the nation will ever realize that President elect Obama is bi-racial, not just African-American. This fact could certainly be used as a positive more than a negative except with the bigots.

2) I wonder what it will be like having a president that is younger than I am. I am 54 years old and for the first time I will be older than my president. It makes me also wonder – how does he have enough experience for the job?

3) I wonder what President Obama’s re-election campaign theme will be in four years. I don’t see how “change” will work again. I wonder if “change” will come back to haunt President Obama the way that “read my lips – no new taxes” haunted President George H.W. Bush.

So what are your hopes and wonders for our new President and other political leadership?

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