Friday, July 18, 2008

Just "Doug"; Not "Pastor Doug"

Almost three weeks ago I told the Bessemer City First Wesleyan congregation that I had been “Pastor Doug” for the last four years but that from this time forward I would just be “Doug”. Next week I again become “Pastor Doug” but this time to the congregation of Neighbors Grove Wesleyan Church in Asheboro, NC.

During these three weeks I have felt so strange. I felt so strange that I slipped into the church office for a couple of days this week to get a head start on the work. I look forward to being “Pastor Doug” again. I have also attended the NC East District Conference this week and appreciated learning more about this district’s vision for planting churches and getting established churches refocused on mission and ministry. I am looking forward to serving under the leadership of District Superintendent Dan LeRoy.

Let’s get back to the feeling of being “Doug” for three weeks instead of “Pastor Doug”. My interim training gave emphasis to the need for exit preparation from the moment of entry into each assignment. I had for several months done my best to prepare myself and the congregation for a good closure in our ministry with the congregation in Bessemer City. But as I spoke those words to this group of people that I was releasing to the care of another it hit me pretty hard – this was it – it was now over. I wonder how that moment impacted those who were listening. If I did my job well then they were ready for it.

This concept of preparing for your exit from the moment of your entry carries much truth for all of life and living, especially for believers. Think about it!!

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Martin LaBar said...

Thanks for your work on today's Sunday School lesson, Doug.