Monday, July 21, 2008

Holy Spirit Gully Washer

Growing up in the flat land of eastern North Carolina I often heard the term “gully washer” to refer to a strong and long rain. But it was not until I went for a walk recently after a night of some torrential rainfall at our Lake Lure mountain house that I came to fully appreciate the expression. As I walked down our long and steep driveway to the street I saw at the bottom of the hill a line of rocks, clay and debris that began at the end of our ditch or gully and stretching some 60-70 yards down the street.

As I continued my walk God reminded me that Scripture refers to the rain of the Holy Spirit, how the Holy Spirit was poured out on the earthly church and how I have experienced the strong flow of the Holy Spirit in my life and ministry. What I want to see again in my life and in the church is a “gully washer” of the Holy Spirit poured out.

Observations about Gully Washers:

1) We can petition for a gully washer but we can’t produce one on our own initiative. God sends the gully washers at His discretion and in His time.

2) The longer the season between gully washers the more impediments build up that need to be flushed out. We let the crud of sin and selfishness mount in our lives without realizing how unattractive it is.

3) We often create human hindrances to slow or stop the flow of the gully washer. We like to control things so we craft ways to contain the movement of the Holy Spirit to a speed or pace that we are comfortable with.

4) The more impediments and hindrances, the stronger the gully washer must be to break through and flow mightily. It is our responsibility to clear the impediments and remove the hindrances. When we do, God rejoices to send a gully washer of Holy Spirit rain into our lives.


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