Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Transition Team Update

Our congregation has now completed the first two transformational tasks (Coming to Terms with History and Looking at Denominational Relationships) during our year of Intentional Interim ministry. The Transition Team will begin leading us through our next task (Clarifying the Congregation’s Identity).

Some of our objectives in clarifying our congregation’s identity will be:
* determine whether or not our image of ourselves is realistic.
* refocus the vision for our congregation’s future.
* utilize the interim time as an opportunity for church renewal and maturity.
* learn the identity of the community and area in which our church serves.
The “bottom line” question that we will seek to answer is: What does God want us (as a congregation) to be and do at this moment in time?

A major tool that will be employed for this task will be a congregational survey in which everyone will have the opportunity to share their thoughts and feelings about our current ministries and facilities. The survey will be available for people to complete between October 14th and 24th. All surveys will need to be completed during this 10 day period so that the Transition Team can compile the results and share them at a congregational meeting in early November.

Surveys will be available in the Sanctuary foyer and Family Life Center entrance. Everyone is being asked to complete one and return it to the church office or to a Transition Team member no later than October 24th. Everyone in attendance in an adult Sunday School class on October 14th will be given the opportunity to complete a survey during Sunday School and a Transition Team member will be in each class to clarify any questions or statements on the survey.

Please continue to pray for the Transition Team as they lead our church through this year of self study. The team continues to meet three to four times per month. In addition to the congregational survey being conducted this month, the team is doing a demographic analysis of our community and surrounding area. The intent of this analysis is for us to learn how we can better serve others.
If anyone who reads this blog would like to see a copy of the congregational survey, please email me and I will reply with a Word file attachment of the survey. Also, as the Transition Team does more work on the demographic analysis I will give a later post about how we conducted the analysis and some of the highlights that we learn.

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