Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Some Wesleyans Observed World Communion Sunday

First, an explanation as to why it has taken a week to post this blog. Last week I attended the annual meeting of the Association of Intentional Interim Ministers. This is a continuing education event and worth every penny of the cost. As a rookie Intentional Interim it was a great learning experience for me.
Now, for some background. The Wesleyan Church Discipline only says that we are to offer communion at least once per quarter. Most Wesleyan Churches probably don’t observe the sacrament any more often than that. The last time that our church observed the sacrament was at our Unified Service on July 29th, ten weeks ago (you can read about this service in an earlier blog).
But we decided to join with the larger community of faith for World Communion Sunday. This provided us with another opportunity to emphasis the need for community as our congregation is still rebuilding from the pain of earlier church conflict. The Scripture was 1 Corinthians 11:17-33 and the message was entitled, “Receiving Communion Within Community”.
I noted that the biblical model for communion was always in the context of a community of believers and that Paul’s admonitions to the Corinthians were focused on their lack of community during their communion service.
I asked the people to reflect on the larger community of faith around the world who were receiving communion on this same Sunday and to appreciate and affirm each other as they came forward to receive the sacrament as a local congregation.
To visually highlight that we were gathering around the table as a community I had the pulpit removed from the platform and moved the communion table to the place where the pulpit normally would sit.
Many people have stated that it was a powerful communion experience for them. Some even saying that it was the most meaningful communion of their life. To God be the glory!

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