Thursday, June 5, 2008

Transition Team Concludes Work

The Transition Team had their final meeting this past Sunday evening. This was the conclusion of a year of intense work together. This Sunday night our congregation will participate in a Transition Team Appreciation meal and service. These ten team members deserve every pat on the back and word of affirmation that they shall receive.

I will remind the congregation at this Team Appreciation event of how the Transition Team was formed. Last May the congregation made nominations for the Transition Team and from these nominations the church board selected team members so as to have a balance of age, gender, church tenure, morning worship service attended, and perspective on the most recent church conflict.

I will also share how the Transition Team has been:
* A group of maturing leaders respected for both their skills and temperament for group work
* Representative of the entire congregation with all of its diversity
* A strategy to communicate the message: this is the work of the congregation
* A model to the congregation of how diverse people can work together in community
* A new group with a new group life leading the church toward a new day of health and wholeness

Some interesting notes about the level of commitment of the team members are:
* Began with an Overnight Retreat
* Met 30 times as a full team
* Met numerous times in smaller working groups & committees
* Led Unified Worship Service
* Led 4 evening congregational meetings with a meal or snacks
* Conducted 3 Congregational Surveys & presented results

The five transitional tasks that the team led the church through with highlights from each task include:
1) Coming to Terms with History
Conducted Congregational Survey
Facilitated Small Group Discussions
Led Unified Service
2) Looking at Denominational Relations
Presented an Historical Overview
Hosted a Q & A Night with Asst. D.S.
Pastor gave a Series of Messages
3) Clarifying the Congregation’s Identity
Conducted Congregational Survey
Reviewed a Community Profile
Developed a Church Profile
4) Exam Leadership and Decision Making Concerns
Offered 3 Changes to LBA Elections
Wrote Job Descriptions for Ministry Groups and Directors
5) Embrace New Pastor and Future
Conducted Congregational Survey
Developed a Pastoral Profile
Pastor Presented Church 101 Materials

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