Monday, May 12, 2008

Church Signs Everywhere Said the Same Thing

Sunday afternoon I drove about 4 hours to spend the night and Monday with my Mom. On the way we stopped and had a Mothers Day lunch with my wife and gave her a nice (I think) card. The thing that both my wife and I noticed was that every church we passed (must have been a hundred or more) all had the same type of message on their signs. They all said something like: Happy Mothers Day!!! Not one sign made mention of Pentecost Sunday.

So I can't help but think that the number of Christians who were reminded of one of the greatest days in Christian church history were very few. I like moms in general, love my mother and the mother of my children but I still keep asking which is more important: Mothers Day or Pentecost?

The good news is that Pentecost only has to compete with Mothers Day more than about once a century.

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Anonymous said...

I find your thoughts to be very interesting! We covered both ... without diluting either! On one side of our church sign, we put "May 11 -- Happy Mother's Day" ... on the other side, we put "May 11 -- Pentecost Sunday." I preached from 2 Timothy 1:5 about the grandmother and mother of Timothy. I then preached about "Godly Mothers," using four biblical examples of godly mothers -- Pentecostal mothers (not in the denominational sense, but in the biblical sense). My four examples were Sarah, Hannah, Elizabeth, and Mary. Each were women of prayer ... godly, biblical, Pentecostal examples! We had a great service