Monday, April 21, 2008

Election Recommendations Approved

The annual meeting of the Local Church Conference met Sunday evening, April 20th. At the conference the following three recommendations from the Transition Team were approved with strong votes from the conference. These recommendations will take effective with next year's church elections.

a) Individuals will serve a maximum of three successive one year terms on the LBA. After a one year sabbatical individuals will be eligible to again be elected to the LBA. - 97% favorable vote.

b) The Sunday School Superintendent no longer be an ex-officio member of the LBA. - 86% favorable vote.

c) The LBA appoint a Business Manager that reports to the LBA and supervised by the Finance Committee rather the conference elect a Treasurer that serves on the board. - 81% favorable vote.

These votes show, in my opinion, the confidence the congregation has in the leadership of our Transition Team. Another indication of the this congregational confidence was expressed through our recent LBA elections. The congregation elected five new members to our nine member LBA. Of these five new LBA members, four of them are Transition Team members.

The current LBA selected the Transition Team and has been very supportive of the process. They have recently served as the Pastoral Search Committee and have brought a strong pastoral candidate to the congregation. The congregation will be voting this Sunday on this candidate. They are to be commended for an excellent year of leadership. Many pastors dread church board meetings. But I have looked forward to our meetings this year.

As the church has worked through our recent elections and are working through the pastoral selection process they have shown increasing spiritual maturity and church health. With each passing day my confidence grows that our intentional interim ministry has been a good thing for the congregation and that great days of Kingdom building lie ahead for them.

To God be the glory! Great things He has done (and is doing)!

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