Thursday, July 12, 2007

Prayer Vigil

The Transition Team is calling for a 24 hour prayer vigil during the weekend of our Unified Service. The vigil will start at 10 pm on Friday, July 27th and continue until 10 pm on Saturday, July 28th. People will pray in their homes on Friday night and may pray at the church or at home during the day on Saturday. The sanctuary will be opened at 8 am on Saturday and remain open until 10 pm for prayer.

Sign up sheets will be available throughout the church buildings and in the Sunday School classrooms the next two Sundays. People may also indicate their chosen time to pray on their Friendship Cards that are placed in the offering plates at the Sunday services.

But please don't wait until the vigil to start to pray. Our congregation needs for God to do a mighty work in and through us. May it begin during the Unified Service as we confess our offenses to others and forgive those who have committed offenses against us.

On a lighter note, the men of the Transition Team will be providing home-made ice cream on for the Sunday night service of July 29th. This will give an opportunity for the congregation to fellowship and to reflect on the impact of the Unified Service that morning.

Also, I will be leaving on Saturday morning, July 14th, for a week of vacation with the family (my wife - Pam, daughter - Elizabeth, and son in law - Trey) at the Outer Banks. So any posting next week will be reflections of our time in the sun and sand.

Recent reading: If you want people to come to church - have a fight, feast or funeral.
(There is almost too much truth in that statement to handle.)

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